In fact, nothing complicated in dealing with gas stove there.Despite its relative simplicity of the device, these plates are reliable, convenient and efficient cooking.And the opportunity to achieve instant ignition and high temperatures even give certain advantages to electric cookers.So if you went to the farm stove, do not rush upset or nervous - no special skills are not required.
As in the treatment of any other appliances before starting to use the stove, it is desirable to read the instructions available to it, and datasheet.It just would resolve many of the issues and gain confidence.
Unlike the electric
gas oven is usually ignited by an open flame.Of course, except when plate ELECTRONIC provided for it, then you need only one button to activate.If it is not, it is necessary to light the oven manually.It is not difficult.
In most situations, the gas oven includes a burner in the form of a curved tube with holes or two flame tube of the burner to the sides.To find out what kind of design from your plate, look at the log.Then, open the oven door and look closely at the lowest iron pan.Chances are you'll see a single hole for the ignition of the middle, or the two sides.
to ignite the gas oven , it is necessary to turn the burner valve to the desired temperature in accordance with these divisions.Then light a match or a lighter, and bring it to the opening of the burner.When the flames have to wait until it spread over the entire length of the burner or burners, and gently close the door.In some cases, the flame may go out with the door closed.Then it is necessary to light the oven again and a little hold it open until the gas is completely spread throughout the burner tube, and the flame will not be smooth.