you need
  • - antiseptic antifungal agent (detergent, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or any other chemical substance);
  • - water.
Find out the cause of the mold .Neutralizing source, you can prevent the appearance of mold later.As a rule, there is a mold from excess moisture, but in the case of a refrigerator somehow affect the moisture you can not.A common cause is the accumulation of condensate.Also, the mold can occur if you keep in the refrigerator moldy product.Mold spores spread on the fridge, so when you remove the spoiled product, it will not go away - we need additional measures.
Clean the refrigerator of all visible manif
estations mold .Clean moldy surfaces with detergent diluted with water.The detergent can be replaced, for example, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide - any antiseptic having antifungal activity.
Thoroughly wash the whole inside of the refrigerator clean water.To improve the result by irradiating ultraviolet refrigerator - it will increase the chances of success in the fight against mold.
Good dry refrigerator with a heat fan, hair dryer, or leave open at least 12 hours.Then it can return all products.