Tip 1: How to clean carpets with long pile

Among flooring carpet with a long nap remain very popular, despite the emergence of convenient and practical laminate, linoleum and cheap soft carpet or carpet.Dlinnovorsnye carpets extremely soft, pleasant, safe, lay them in the bedrooms and children's rooms.But they require special care and attention.
you need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • hard broom;
  • soft sponge;
  • detergents for carpets;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • ammonia.
The greater the length and density of the pile at the carpet, the more dust appears on its surface.In one square meter can be formed up to one kilogram of mud.Therefore, we must regularly and promptly clean the carpet with the help of special tools and instruments.
necessary to clean the carpet vacuumed several times a week, it is the most effective cleaner for a long nap.A small amount of dust and dirt, he will take away very quickly and without problems.Do not get too often dlinnovorsny vacuuming the carpet, if you bought it recently, as the villi can not be sufficien
tly stable.Over time, the vacuum cleaner can not cope with the amount of dust, which remains in the pile, so you need to regularly carry out other cleaning procedures.
winter, knock out the carpet on the surface, hanging it on the tube inside out.It is advisable to do it in the yard of his house, not in the apartment.If it snowed, you can use it for cleaning.Spread a carpet on the snow-covered area by putting pile outside.Sprinkle with snow and estimates stiff broom.
removing the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, and knocking the snow, you can bring cleanliness to perfection with special modern detergents.Use carpet shampoo Vanish, Bingo-or, «Worth", "Kovrol."All of them are composed of alkali, so you should not use them too often, because over time they begin to have an effect on the brightness of the carpets.After cleaning, wipe these funds pile of acid composition, such as vinegar.To do this, dilute a glass of vinegar in a bucket of water, apply the solution on a sponge or soft cloth and wipe in the direction of the nap.

household chemicals can be replaced by other means at hand.Well cleanses the regular table salt, in addition, it will refresh the paint and increase brightness.Spread a carpet on the floor and sprinkle with salt.Hard broom soak in soapy warm water and remove the salt from the surface from time to time in the water washing broom.Instead of salt you can use broken tea, bran, sawdust, ground pumice.Remove all remnants of these substances, knocking the carpet.
long pile carpets can be cleaned with ammonia.To do this, take the five liters of water, three tablespoons of powder and a spoonful of ammonia, make a solution.Apply it on the pile with a soft brush and remove the first wet, then dry cloth.After wet cleaning, thoroughly dry the carpet.

Tip 2: How to clean

long pile carpets with long pile were and remain very popular.They bring into the house warm and cozy atmosphere.These rugs can be decorated as a bedroom and living room or children's room.But in order for a carpet with a long nap I gave you pleasure for a long time for it requires careful maintenance.Such care, of course, require some effort, but they are fully repaid the comfort that will bring you a carpet.
How to clean a long nap
you need
  • - Hoover;
  • - hard broom;
  • - Brush;
  • - cloths;
  • - salt;
  • - ammonia;
  • - soda.
Clean carpet cleaner carpet cleaner
Brushing is recommended at least once a week.Areas exposed to severe pollution - surface about jobs, balcony, acces - vacuuming is recommended once every two days.In order to clean the entire surface quality carpet advised visually divided into sectors carpet.Remember that even if you have a very powerful and modern vacuum cleaner, a single pass on a carpet with a long nap enough.It is necessary to repeatedly walk slowly and carefully vacuumed for each sector.Pay special attention to places that are prone to contamination - they need to be cleaned criss-cross.Before cleaning the carpet with a long nap add the dust a little baking soda.This will eliminate unpleasant odors.
After cleaning the carpet using special means of preventing pollution.You can also use fresheners.
Knock Twice a year it is recommended to beat out carpets on the street.
Hang carpet pile pipe down and knock over the entire surface.In winter, the snow spread a carpet pile out, sprinkle it with snow and clean with a hard broom.
Clean carpet with the help of salt
Spread a carpet on the floor and sprinkle with coarse salt.Remove the salt from the surface of the carpet by means of a hard broom, periodically soaking it in warm soapy water.Also can be used instead of salt milled pumice, sawdust or bran.
Clean carpet ammonia
Prepare a solution for cleaning: 5 liters of water, take one tablespoon of ammonia and 3 tablespoons of detergent.Apply this composition on the carpet with a soft brush and then remove with a damp and then a dry cloth.
Output stubborn stains from the carpet
stains from coffee, fruits, chocolate and alcoholic beverages can be removed with a special solution.In one liter of water, take one teaspoon of vinegar and detergent powder and wipe the mat this sostavom.Pyatna red wine should immediately fill table salt.After 20 minutes, the carpet from the carpet should propylesosit.Udalit chewing gum by using a piece of ice.Apply ice to the gum and wait until it has solidified completely, then remove the gum kovra.Chtoby remove grease stain from the surface of the carpet you need to sprinkle it with sawdust soaked in gasoline.Leave chips overnight.
should be noted that vacuuming new carpets with long pile only after 1.5-2 months after buying them becausetheir villi still not stable.
Helpful Hint
If cleaning the carpet with a long nap you use household chemicals, after cleaning the carpet must be treated acid composition.For example, vinegar.
carpets with long pile it is difficult to clean, but the effort to care for him pay off the comfort and beauty of the house.
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