you need
  • - Dishwasher with templates;
  • - furniture panels and worktops;
  • - Roulette;
  • - screwdriver with screws.
  • - fittings.
Select location dishwashing machines .Usually, it affects one important factor - a variant of the dishwasher, which was acquired.There are three types of units: partially recessed model polnovstraivaemye and detached.Those dishwashers, which are built in part on the mind is always the control panel, and all the rest of the front is hidden behind the beautiful facade of furniture.Fully integrated dishwasher models entirely hidden behind the doors of the kitchen cabinet.Another thing freestanding dishwashers they now decorate the kitchen, but because they were not inserted.
If you purchased a fully integrated dishwasher, then push it into a niche that was left in advance for this unit.By using the dishwashe
r plinth adjustment "to adjust the aggregate height of the dishwasher shall comply with the exposed level countertop.In some models of washing machines, for example, Bosch, Siemens and Aeg, height adjustment of the unit is done by means of special screws located at the front of the unit.
Complete with fully integrated dishwasher supplied templates with which furniture is fixed to the front door.In the corresponding slots in the dishwasher, attach the fasteners.
Then, the inside of the door dishwashing appliance, unscrew the screws and screw stubby length: such that they can "grab and furniture fronts.
on the door of the facade attach handles and other decorative elements that are present in a design registration other built-in furniture.