Tip 1: How to build hand

Thoughts about physical education visit each one of us.This is especially true of the male population, which wants to acquire a beautiful and strong hands.

course, only hand pump you will not, but this is the whole point.The method described below, is designed to work at home.All you need is a horizontal bar and an hour each day.If you have a lot more time, the better for you.

So, to build muscle you need enough hands to perform a series of exercises on the bar and on the floor.To complicate the exercise you will use a very simple method.We need to take a backpack and put it in the book, it is desirable that this encyclopedia, they make big and heavy.During training you Bude add books in a backpack.You will wear a backpack, and with him the exercises.

exercises to pump up his hands on the bar.Grasp the bar grip "on", and the hands should be shoulder-width apart.Tightens need to slowly and methodically.So muscles get the greatest load.In addition, a backpack with books should be put on the contrary,

that is placed on the chest.This greatly complicates the task.

second approach - I've had enough and throws backpack.Grasp the bar on top of all five fingers.When pulling up the horizontal bar "provides" for a head.Tightens gradually down breath - exhale up.

third approach, grasp the horizontal bar arms "over."In this position comfortably tightened, so pull up at a rapid pace.Backpack with books left behind.

Proceed with push-ups.Do not forget the backpack and additional loads.Hands are shoulder-width apart, feet together, body straight.In this position, begin to squeeze.

All exercises are recommended to carry out an odd number of times.Before the start of the approach, immediately decide how much exercise is done, it will allow you to calculate the forces.Classes should be conducted regularly, the only way you can pump up his hands quickly.Practise, practice and success to you.

Tip 2: How to build hand

Women and men adjust their body with fitness, pay much attention to inflation of the arm muscles.Regular exercise, including exercises hands , give them a nice relief and additional strength.Inflate hands at home can be with a special set of exercises.
Training will help to create a beautiful relief of the hands
Lie on your stomach, hand bend at the elbow, push them to the sides, palms put under the shoulders, rest socks on the floor.On the inhale rise above the floor, stretching the whole body in a straight line.Hold for 1 minute.Exhale sank to the floor.
Sit on the floor, lean behind on hands .On the inhale lift the body up, tighten your buttocks, push the chin to the base of the neck.Secure the strap position for 1 minute.Exhale sit, then lie down and relax.
Sit on the right thigh, legs slightly bend at the knees.Repeat the pose of "bar".Only now lean on foot and right hand, the left put on a belt or a little stick for the floor, if you find it difficult to keep his balance.Stand as 10-15 seconds, then return to the original position.Repeat with the left arm.
Stand with your feet, spread as widely as possible.On the exhale, lower your upper body down and put his hands in front of him.Transfer the body weight on the hands .With an exhalation bend arms at the elbows and zoom into the chest to the floor while inhaling straighten hands .Do 10-20 pushups.Then pinch the feet together, and with the breath lift the body up.
Sit, Get hands behind his back and rest against them on the floor.On the inhale, stand in a pose "bar".With an exhalation bend arms at the elbows, straighten while inhaling.Make at least 10 push-ups.Then sit down, arms crossed over his chest, put his hands on his shoulders, round your back, pull your elbows forward 10-15 seconds.Lie on the floor and relax.
for the next exercise, you'll need a dumbbell weighing not less than 1 kg.Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells along the lower body.As you inhale, lift your hands in hand and keep them parallel to the floor for at least 15 seconds.With an exhalation lower hands down.With the next breath again lift arms , but expand their palms up.Hold hands 15 seconds, then exhale, take the original position and relax.