Tip 1: How to remove the stain from the pen

Young artists love to use markers.This invariably arise not only works of art but also very stubborn stains on the clothes of the artist, on a table, table cloth, and sometimes the process is so fascinating that looked into the room my mother frantically starts looking for methods to launder their child.To remove stains from the pens there are many available tools that certainly there in every home.
you need
  • - alcohol-containing liquid;
  • - solvents;
  • - glycerol;
  • - means for removing marker;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - washing powder;
  • - soap "Antipyatin."
Markers can be an alcohol or water-based.To remove stains from the skin, with furniture and fabrics, use any alcohol-containing liquids.For this approach cologne, alcohol-based toner, toilet water, medical or industrial alcohol, vodka, etc.To use, moisten a cotton pad or sponge of any of the liquids, clean space contamination.If you remove stains from the skin, then wash it with soap and water or gel for washing.If a tissue - wash the p
roduct in the usual way, which is suitable for this type of washing cloth.
If you notice stains on clothing or furniture at once, they are deeply ingrained, then remove the contamination from solvents.To delete a suitable gasoline, kerosene, acetone or nail polish remover on the basis thereof, mineral spirits, solvent 646. To use, moisten a cotton pad, carefully wipe the dirt.If the product can not be washed or you were not planning to carry out washing bulky items, such as carpet or carpet, after the removal of stains, wipe all the places that you have cleared, alcohol or perform wet cleaning with a sponge and means for carpets.
Economically supermarkets sell soap under the trade name "Antipyatin."Use it, and you can easily remove stains from pens with any kind of fabric with no additional effort and without the use of aggressive solvents.To use soak the place and the very dirt soap, rub the stain from the thick felt-tip pen with soap, rinse with clean cloth and hands under running water.From spots there will be no trace.
Buy in the department of office supplies a special tool designed to remove the marker.Trade names may be different, as the tool is produced by different manufacturers, but the cost of it is quite affordable.It is sold in the form of pencils and sprays.To use read the instructions from the manufacturer, apply to pollution, wash the product.
With baby skin remove contamination from the markers in a safe way.The safest way.Moisten a cotton pad with alcohol or glycerine, clean the skin, rinse with warm water, apply baby cream.

Tip 2: How to clean the pen

Often a child, fascinated by drawing, can using pen try to decorate the walls or furniture, or to demonstrate the ability to design, painted clothes.Therefore, many parents faced with the need to wash the surface of the figures are different.
How to clean the pen
If a child is using a waterproof pen, try to deduce patterns from fabric with a solvent such as mineral spirits or acetone.You can also gently rub out stains, using gasoline.Pre definitely try out the action of the solvent on inconspicuous area, to not harm the appearance of clothing or furniture.
Also try to use nail polish remover that does not contain acetone, but be careful - may be stained.
Wipe contaminated area with fresh lemon peel or drip a few drops of lemon juice.Or dissolve in the water a few crystals of citric acid, and use for scrubbing.
Gently clean the surface using a chlorine bleach.Note that the color of the surface may change.
Add two tablespoons of ammonia a half teaspoon of baking soda and apply to the stain.After five to ten minutes, rub with a soft sponge.
If the stain is not very prominent location, you can use any cleaning powder abrasive action.
If the child is used to create drawings, water-based markers, first try to scrub them with soap and water or detergent.
Follow the advice of housewives and rubbed the spot on pen with a sponge, using washing up liquid.
soak a cotton swab in alcohol and begin to scour the spot.You can grate a small piece of soap to make a soap solution and an alcohol with the addition of water and soap solution.
Buy at the pharmacy three percent hydrogen peroxide and gently try to remove the stain swab dipped in peroxide.Be careful, if the fabric is dark, because of the hydrogen peroxide may remain bright spots.
If you do not advocate the use of household chemicals, Wet the stain in milk and leave for the night and in the morning wash with detergent powder.
Helpful Hint
Fresh stains derive much easier.If the stain is on pen inveterate, then get rid of it will be much harder.