you need
  • - foam concrete blocks;
  • - plasterboard construction;
  • - cabinet furniture and shelving;
  • - curtains or blinds;
  • - lifting bed;
  • - screen.
Erect a new wall.This method is suitable for large rooms, preferably with multiple windows to the living room and the bedroom had its own natural light.For the construction of the wall fit foam concrete or aerated concrete blocks, plasterboard construction.When choosing a basis to think about increasing the load on the ceiling.The wall should be as easy.To improve the sound insulation between the living room and bedroom, use advanced special materials.Pas
sage between the zones can be configured in the form of an arch with a swing open door or sliding.
Make a partition of furniture.To separate room suit various shelves both with a closed rear wall and through.Delineate the space, you can use a cabinet or other cabinet furniture, drawing them back side print, photo wallpapers, self-adhesive film or the remnants of wallpaper from the room.
Divide the area of ​​the room curtains or vertical blinds that can be shifted either to one side or on two sides.Please note that the ledges are complex shapes.Therefore, you can create an interesting configuration of the space, for example, to separate the only place for a bed, creating a cozy corner there.
Align living room and bedroom one room using modern furniture.Book in a special production of the company's built-in wardrobe bed.Buy her a good mattress.When the bed is necessary to remove, secure linen straps and lift the bed.You will have plenty of free space, and preparing for sleep does not take long.
Pitch podium to separate the room into zones.The sleeping area can be put on wheels, and slide under the podium, which is a living room.Either put it on the podium, separated from the rest of the room by a curtain or a light barrier.