Wipe the freezer walls with a cloth soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water or in a solution of ammonia.You can leave the freezer for a few hours a cloth soaked in vinegar.Soda absorbs odors and charcoal.Place the box pounded with these substances in the freezer, I have three times a month.
Another option - to put a glass of soda, dissolved in water.It will need to change weekly to odors is absorbed back.Try also to put in the freezer to the plate a few tablets of activated charcoal - a natural sorbent absorbing liquids and smells.
freezer walls can be cleaned with lemon juice or to put sliced ​​citrus.Smell also absorb black bread, turmeric, basil,
cloves, thyme, celery, orange peel and rice grains.You can use onion and garlic: rub their walls, then ventilate.Try putting in the freezer vanilla pod, a slice of apple or baking powder.
Cut any citrus fruit in half, remove the flesh and sprinkle baking soda instead.Place in the freezer, and a few days clean, the smell should disappear.Another method: squeeze the lemon into the water and put in a container in the freezer for a few days.Wash the freezer first detergent and then a strong solution of baking soda.
weapon against unpleasant odor of offered by manufacturers of household chemicals, it is worth noting the special fresheners absorbers, which should be changed every few months.They efficiently ozonized inner space of the freezing chamber and absorb odors.