walls serve as a backdrop for the interior, and the choice of color for them need to consider several key factors: the overall style of the interior, illumination, the amount of space and ceiling height.Rate these characteristics dishes.For example, in small kitchens it is desirable to choose a bright color, as they optically expanding space.Psychologists do not recommend to paint the walls in the kitchen are bright and flashy colors, especially if it is small, and you spend a lot of time in it.Dark colors reduce the room, so only suitable for spacious kitchens.Also in the large rooms is undesirable to use cool colors, because they make the kitchen and featureless desert.
when lighting conditions, and especially the lack of sunlight, choose a warm, calm shades, wall - yellow, orange, light brown and beige.If the room gets a lot of sunlight, it is better not to paint the walls in saturated color, since they will be illuminated more brightly and may change color tone.
Think about the impact of color on the human psyche.For example, the kitchen in red at first glance seem to be original, extravagant and fun, but they quickly get bored and begin to irritate.Although it has been shown that red colors stimulate appetite, so you can choose the aggressive colors - cherry tomato, coral.Blue has a calming effect, but the comfort and warmth to the room adds.If the kitchen is always hot, the dark blue shades are ideal.But most of the walls in the kitchen done in pale blue tones.
believed that green is good for digestion.Kitchen desirable choose pistachio salad or shades.Also popular pastel colors, yellow satin, red copper.White is a versatile color, it can be used in all styles, from classic to hi-tech.
Consider the color and design of kitchen furniture.For example, white furniture with glass and metal elements combined with red walls.Classic wooden furniture looks good on the background of peach, beige or white walls.Frosted glass can emphasize fashionable colors wenge or mahogany.
There are several "forbidden" colors for the kitchen: it's all black and dark shades of brown.They inhibit the appetite, make the room tight and cause association with the mud.
To understand how comfortable you will live with the chosen color of the walls, hang on the walls of the white paper, old wallpaper or cardboard.Apply the paint stains on them and leave it for several days, during which the need to listen to their feelings.