Excellent tool for imparting whiteness of washed laundry - blueing.The best is methylene blue ultramarine.Powder ultramarine tie in a handkerchief or any piece of loose material and lower in the water, which acquires a bluish tint.Put the laundry in a solution of methylene blue, then pull, squeeze and dry.
There is plenty of powder, advertising that promises whitening linen.But most of the washing powders contain only optical brighteners.Such materials absorb light rays and reflect them in blue and purple spectrum, giving the visual effect white linen.But such funds can not afford to withdraw stains and stubborn dirt, it needs to take advantage of special pre
You can buy ready-made bleach, thus carefully read the instructions for use and comply with any recommendations.Increasing doses of agent can result in damage to the tissue.First, dissolve the required amount of bleach in water and then put in a container with this solution underwear.Particles undiluted bleach, getting on the fabric, it can burn.
good bleaching properties has hydrogen peroxide solution was 3-which are sold in any drugstore.Bleached Linen need in an enamel or aluminum cookware.On 5 liters of water, take 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, heat the solution up to 60-80 ° and dip to wash clothes for 15-20 minutes.In this way, well-bleached cotton and linen fabrics.For an even bleaching linen mix thoroughly.If you want to achieve greater effect, add a solution of a tablespoon of ammonia.
Wool and silk are also things you can bleach using hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.Thus for the preparation of a bleaching solution to 5 liters of water is also necessary to add 2 tablespoonsperoxide and 1 tbspammonia, however, the water temperature should not exceed 30-35 °.After whitening, rinse things warm, then cold water.