Purchase or take at the box office (if applicable, prepare) a circle with a diamond-coated.If you did not find this equipment or diamond blade, take electrocorundum 80 microns, which is needed for the roughing knife rod, up to 40 m for finishing.
Sharpen the knife only malooborotistom circle with the minimum heartbeat instrument, as otherwise you could damage the knife.Making ceramic knife sharpening procedure, in any case, do not use force push, apply a minimum force when pressed against the blade to the abrasive tool.Precisely because of this caution, the process of sharpening this type of knife is a long and laborious, takes usually a long time
Remember when you sharpen that edge ceramic blade in a cut should be slightly convex.These
properties are dictated by the individual characteristics of the material making such blades.
Apply the ceramic knife blade on the tool from the handle and finishing the edge.Take a few slow movements of one side and then the same procedure again, turning the knife edge by the other party.
In addition to the method for sharpening ceramic knife, you can use a special grindstone Musat, which must first be watered with cold water.
Remember, if you do not have certain skills sharpening knives, you risk losing your favorite product by making it simply unusable.In this case, it is better to entrust this procedure professionals.