Clean the inner walls of the microwave toothpaste.No need to buy expensive, perfect for the cheapest.This greatly helps to bring a nasty smell .
After each cooking it in the oven leave the door ajar.
Mix water with vinegar and wash it with a solution of the furnace wall.Vinegar perfectly disinfects and eliminates and smell.Do not heat the mixture to start a chemical reaction.
Put in a microwave bowl of water and lemon.Boil for 7 minutes at full power.After that, leave the door open.
Cook weak coffee without sugar, allow to cool and wipe the inside of the oven this drink.
Dissolve the baking soda in the water.Wipe the microwave oven walls
.The smell disappears.
in major supermarkets and shopping centers, there will always be different "odor absorbers s".Ask a consultant, and he will be sure to indicate the counter, where they lie.Buy and using the instructions for use, remove the bad smell in microwave .
Ordinary salt will help to remove the bad smell in microwave .Sprinkle it evenly on a wide saucer and leave in the oven overnight with the door closed.Salt absorbs and smell.
If the walls of the microwave dried pieces of food, you can easily remove them.Fill the container with water a little dish detergent.Put in the oven for 10 minutes at full power, but make sure that does not boil dry.Pieces of food soften, and you can easily remove them.Just wipe the walls with a damp cloth.
hardware store today sold accessories - special plastic cover for microwaves.They closed reheating, as a result of any splashes from the product remains on the inner side.wash the cover is much easier than the inner surface of the microwave oven.
put in the microwave onion, cut in half and close the door of the stove.Onions perfectly disinfects and removes odor .
Crush a few pills of activated carbon, put them on a saucer and send in off the microwave overnight.