you need
  • - without chlorine bleach;
  • - washing powder;
  • - baking soda;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - soap.
To restore the original whiteness things cotton, try to boil them.Place the laundry in the tank or enamel basin, fill them with water and laundry detergent for hand washing and put on the stove.From time to time turn the underwear wooden tongs.Make sure the water does not boil dry.Handle things for 30-40 minutes.This method is not suitable for bleaching wool or synthetic fibers.
Remove plaque with gray woolen sweater or synthetic underwear, you can use optical brightener without chlorine.Also universal means in the form of powder, emulsion or tablets, commercially occur preparations intended for treatment of certain types of tissue.You can pick up powder for whitening synthetic
tulle, delicate lingerie and blouses.Dilute means according to package directions and soak in it the thing that it was completely covered with water.Soak due time, remove clothes, rinse it and wash in the usual way.
to the white stuff as long as possible retain the original look, do not wear them too long.Blouses and shirts after each wash socks.To bed linen washes better pre-soak it in warm water with detergent.
new lingerie is not machine wash with the rest and things.Soak it in warm water with a good detergent powder, and an optical brightener.After half an hour gently rub his hands, rinse and hang to dry.
As a preventive measure in the wash water can add baking soda - it softens the water is too rigid and does not allow to form a grayish bloom on linen.
Never use harsh bleaching with chlorine - laundry can purchase a yellowish tint.In addition, the chlorine treatment of the fabric fibers are destroyed, and a favorite shirt or pillowcase pretty quickly tear.
If you do not have at hand a quality bleach, try a proven national method.Gusto soap laundry soap, and soak it in a bucket of hot pink solution of potassium permanganate.A few hours in a bucket of gray 'color to make things crisp white.Remove them from the solution and rinse.This method is suitable for the treatment of children's clothing, towels, bed linen made from natural cotton.