you need
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - Roulette;
  • - Pencil and scissors;
  • - with a soft cloth;
  • - flower sprayer.
Clean the surface of the furniture from a variety of contaminants.Wipe it with a cloth or sponge with a hard bed, soaked in a suitable detergent.
Unscrew the handle from the doors when they get to a place where it will be pasted film.
Inspect the surface from different angles.From your care will depend on the quality of pasting.There should be no roughness, bumps, chips.If found roughness, seal the filler and sand it with sandpaper.Wooden surface without lacquer layer promazhte acrylic p
Remove the sizes of the prepared surface of furniture with a tape.Go shopping film .Note that the self-adhesive rolls come in different widths.Choose the appropriate option, you do not have to attach the film without much need.
aside a predetermined size on the adhesive film on the reverse side.For convenience there is already applied centimeter markings.Draw details with a pencil.Cut elements can be a pair of scissors or a knife on a paint line.
Type in flower dispenser cold water from the tap.Sprinkle the item of furniture, which are going to start wrapping.Adhesive tape will slip on the wet surface.This will give you time to smooth it, to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.If pasted parts still formed a bubble, pierce it with a needle and just iron the cloth.
Separate the film from the paper from one side of about 10 cm. Apply the adhesive to the surface of the furniture.Take in one hand and a dry, soft cloth, and with the other hand holding a roll, straighten Stickers "herringbone" from inside to outside.Pull down the roll and chase from the film of air and water droplets.If formed fold gently pull the proximal side and peeled off his smooth the surface.
Thus glue all the details of a cut film on furniture .During operation launder dirty, furniture with a soft cloth and mild detergent.You can not use something that might scratch the surface of coated film .