you need
  • - outlet 16 or 32 amps;
  • - automatic 25 or 40 amps.
Examine the electrical characteristics of the oven for the correct installation of the socket.Depending on power consumption, it is necessary to calculate the maximum electric current required to connect the equipment.Most often, the power is about 3-3.5 kW - then it will be enough, and 16 amps.Otherwise, you must rely on the current of 32 amperes.
Pick outlet for oven.Pay attention to the wiring in the kitchen.If it has laid during the construction of the house, and it must have been 20-30 years ago, t
he oven you need to bring a separate wire.The new line is laid wiring using copper wire, the section of which depends on the maximum required electric current.So at 16 amps is enough to 2.5 mm2, at 32 - 4.0 mm2.
Install a separate machine for the oven, through which you will be connecting it to electrical switchboards.It should be calculated at a current of 25 or 40 amps, at 16 or 32 ampere wall outlet, respectively.
Make grounding oven.You can either arrange a separate line, which will lead to the power cabinet of access or use a grounding conductor, if your apartment is laid three-wire cabling.