you need
  • - a small brush or sponge;
  • - cleaner;
  • - steam cleaner;
  • - pen with water-resistant dye;
  • - latex paint is water-resistant;
  • - fine sandpaper.
If the joints between the tiles become gray and dirty, apply a small brush (eg toothbrush) any cleanser (Silit, Cif or other).After 10 minutes wash the tiles with water and wipe dry.If contamination persists, it is a fungus, and it is difficult to deduce cleaners.

to remove dirt, alternative to chemical compositions may include: baking soda, dilute lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, toothpaste, ammonia or fine salt.
If the fungus just appeared, joints can be cleaned with chlorine containing agents (Domestos, White or otherwise).They must be applied with a small brush or s
ponge for five minutes, then rinse with water and wipe dry.As a result, it destroys all germs, fungus is cleared, the seams are clean.
If the fungus covered with small areas of the joints, they can mask the felt-tip pen with votostoykim dye.This can be done pretty quickly, but the effect will be short-lived.Markers can be purchased in stores with building materials.
If the fungus neudaetsya withdraw cleaners or bleach, and the area of ​​contamination is high, do not rush to change the grout.Try to paint the tiles any water-resistant latex paint.It is advisable to apply a few layers.
steam cleaner - this is another proven way to clean dirt from the seams.It is necessary to direct the steam spout at the seams, it cleans with hot steam, and then wash off the dirt with water and wipe dry.
fungus and dirt can be cleaned with the tile joints with fine sandpaper.It removes the top layer of grout, and along dirt.