you need
  • - vinyl siding panels;
  • - lath;
  • - screws, nails;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - gon;
  • - Roulette;
  • - starting and finishing plank;
  • - wooden block section of 50x100 mm board thickness of 50 mm;
  • - a sharp knife or a stationery knife cutter with replaceable blades.
Manufacture of wood for decoration of the pediment of the beam cross section 50x100 mm.Flooring Forest Pitch of 50 mm thick boards, to take a bracing edged boards 25x100 mm.Do not forget about the fence.If you have a gable roof flows, connect the lower part of the forest firmly to the wall.Use a ladder for finishing gable siding.Located at a
high ridge make a second tier of forests.Secure timber for greater stability to the gable roof through the window.
Attach vinyl siding one of three ways.First fabricate aluminum frame, and then set it on the siding panel.However, the expensive way not everyone can afford.It can be mounted directly on the wooden panels of the roof gables.The optimal solution would be fixing the siding on a wooden crate.
Attach vertical whole wooden blocks chosen over gable section at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other.Provide finding outer surfaces batten bars in the same plane.Wooden sticks nailed to the gable with nails, screws, they are much cheaper.But siding panel to attach furring screws using a screwdriver.However, they very nearly dokruchivayte until the end, leaving the panels room for maneuver at high temperatures.
Installation of siding
Start sheathing gable siding.Using the level, set horizontally starting bar.Using screws attach it to each rack.Paz starting strips align with core spine.A click point you to the correct connection.It is called a castle.Set the first number, then go to the next row.
Cut the ends of the panels at an angle, echoing the roof slope.Use with the metal square.At the gable trim siding leave a gap between the end panel and the crate.The gap should be at least 1 cm. It is necessary to compensate for thermal expansion of the siding.And it will prevent shrinkage deformation of the panels at home.
Before laying out the last row at the top of the bar, set the finish.The boundary walls of the house trim and gable joint panels hide under the plastic corner.Finishing the gable completed.