you need
  • - ceramic tiles;
  • - Tile,
  • - tile adhesive,
  • - special trowel;
  • - buckets for cooking and soaking tile adhesive;
  • - tic tile;
  • - level,
  • - guide rails;
  • - grout,
  • - rubber spatula;
  • - Drill;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - a hammer, a chisel.
Begin tiling in the kitchen to prepare.Calculate the required number of tiles, add on another 10% for a possible fight.Check tile from several boxes to match colors and shades.The packaging must be marked with the codes of the goods, compare, whether they match.
Prepare wall tiling.To do this, remove the whitewash and paint.Remove the old tile, using a hammer and chisel.Thus obtained is uneven wall zashtukaturte one or more layers.Then you lined tiles will hold well on a flat wa
Prepare the base tile.Self-tapping screws, attach to the walls of guide rails under the first row of tiles.In the process of laying work is required to use a level to a number of tiles it was perfectly flat.Select one of the tile - "seam in seam", diagonally or "dressing".

Decide what angle you better start laying tile.Pay attention to the switches, sockets, etc., So that you had to cut smaller tiles.
Guide rails
Spread the tile adhesive and begin laying tiles.Between the tile into the joints Mount the chosen size tiles special plastic crosses.Notched trowel, apply the adhesive on the tile and glue it to the wall.When tiling constantly monitor the level of the front surface of the wall, so that no tile does not protrude above the other.
Remote cross
Use Tile for a piece of the tile size.You end of the row is likely to have no glue whole tile, and some part of it.Pencil, draw a line on the back of the tile, put it in the Tile and push the top bar.

to use cutouts tile grinder.To teach a hole in the tile, use a drill.If you have to cut the tiles of only a few millimeters, slide glass cutter line and chip edge with a pair of pliers.
Spread so all ranks.After one day, remove the guide rails, remove the crosses inserted between the tiles.Dilute with water grout, matched the color of the tile.Rubber spatula rub it firmly into the joints.Wipe traces of grout with a damp sponge.The tile in the kitchen ready.