Tip 1: How to clean the kettle from scale

How nice is to get in a comfortable chair after a long day with a cup of tea!But once you notice that the water in the kettle became murky, there was a strange taste and white flakes.This scale - lime, which contributes to the appearance of the water hardness.In addition to all the trouble, electric kettle, and he threatens to breakage.Therefore, from the urgent need to get rid of scale.
The easiest way - is to buy at the store any "descaler" clean and tea, follow the instructions.Should such a means, generally inexpensive.But if you want to protect health from accidental ingestion of chemicals, it is better to use natural remedies.
Scale - is an alkaline compound that is removed with acid.At home, for these purposes, you can use vinegar.Pour into a kettle of 100 ml of acetic acid (9%), add 1-1.5 liters of water (preferably filtered).
Boil the solution and leave for at least two hours, and if there is an opportunity for the whole night.
pouring the solution, r
inse thoroughly under running water kettle and boil again to remove any residual vinegar and scale.
If you get rid of the plaque before the end failed, repeat the entire procedure from the beginning or try another folk remedy.
addition of acetic acid to deal with scum, you can use citric acid - 1 tablespoon of 1.5-2 liters of water.Pour the acid into the kettle, cover with hot water and leave for 15-20 minutes.Boil the solution is not necessary.If the raid was not very strong, then after the time indicated Maker gleams like new.
In the absence in the house of citric acid and vinegar - do not despair.This may be unexpected, but in the past my grandmother got rid of scale with the help of an ordinary potato!

Take pure potato peels, cover the bottom of the kettle and add 1.5-2 liters of cold water.
Bring water to a boil in the kettle several times (4-5 depending on the complexity of the problem) and leave to cool.
Drain the chilled water and rinse well with water kettle from the tap.
If you are still unhappy with the result, try another very extravagant means.

Buy store in a liter bottle of "Sprite" or "Phantom" and shake it until the disappearance of gas.
Pour the drink into the kettle, heat up and leave for the night.
morning pour down the sink your sweet "descaler" and wash kettle.After all these procedures scum should disappear without a trace.

Tip 2: How to clean the scale with an electric

from poor quality of tap water appears scale on the heating elements of electric kettles.Often the plaque leads to device failure.To remove rusty or whitish plaque can use some means to destroy scale and contribute to its separation from the wall of the kettle.
How to clean the scale with a kettle
The safest way to clean the heating element - citric acid.Fill the kettle with water, add about 50g pineapples and boil the water, but watch out, when the liquid begins to boil heavily foaming and may spill over the edges.It is better to turn off the kettle, when he was just starts to boil.Let scale otmoknet a little, then boil the water and rinse the device.If you remove all the plaque is not, repeat the procedure.
You can also use acetic acid for cleaning of the scum.Fill the kettle with cold water, then carefully pour acid.At 1.5 liters of liquid should be added about 30g or 50g essence of acetic acid.Boil the water, try not to breathe the fumes, they can burn the respiratory tract.If plaque is too thick, leave the kettle to soak for a day.But remove it from the area, otherwise someone might inadvertently pour the tea water with vinegar.In the morning boil again, and rinse the device.
sale and special funds from deposits.They cost is not expensive, and cope with the tasks efficiently.Dosing is written on the packaging with the means.Usually it is necessary to add water and boil.Rinse tea can be almost immediately, as these products contain active substances that destroy the layer of scale in just a few minutes.But to use this type of cleaning of the heating element is not recommended too often, the acid can damage the metal and the heating element will stop working.
Helpful Hint
Never add none of the above means in hot water, otherwise the effect can be unpredictable.It is not recommended to use these tools and for cleaning of the scum washing machines, you can spoil all the rubber elements, which are located in the drum.
When using funds from the industrial scale, keep in mind that they affect not only the scale, but also on the inner surface of the pot, destroying its structure.So try to use commercial means as little as possible.
Helpful Hint
Citric acid is of great advantage vinegar: it does not have a sharp odor.

main way to deal with scale - a softening of the water.Use the filter system and water treatment.
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