Tip 1: How to clean bright sofas

sofa in the house enjoys a central location and is therefore often used for family recreation.Very often there are stains on it, and other contaminants that spoil the appearance of furniture, especially light.But even at home, it is possible to cause light sofa in order.
you need
  • - ammonia
  • - vinegar
  • - detergent
Shoe bright sofas depending on the type obivkiKozhanaya light upholstery sofa does not require special care.Dampen the cloth with soapy water, rub the stain in a circular motion, dry wet spot with a dry cloth.
Jacquard coat couch dense and durable.To clean bright sofas this upholstery use dry cleaning with a brush.
flock consisting of nylon pile - inexpensive and practical material is applied to a cotton base in the form of application.Use a dry cleaning to remove stains from couches light flock.
Tapestry - high upholstery, has an interesting pattern.To clean wash upholstery sofas or use the dry cleaning.
Velour bright sofa easy t
o clean.Use a dry cleaning with a soft brush.
bright suede sofas due to special impregnation furniture have soil and water repellent.To clean upholstery, use a dry, wet, or dry cleaning wash light suede upholstery.
Stain removal with light upholstery divanovPyl.For a monthly cleaning upholstery light dust vacuum the sofa.
Coffee.Vinegar and detergent zamoyte coffee stain, dry cloth to dry the wet cloth.
fruit juice.Apply to the stain mixture of ammonia and vinegar, let dry for upholstery.Old stains from the juice soak with water and remove with a soft brush.
Beer.Rub the stain with soapy water to remove the smell treat upholstery weak vinegar solution.
chewing gum.Apply to contamination of an ice pack after curing gum, remove it with a blunt object.
blood.Quickly rinse off blood with cold water with light upholstery of the couch.
Jam and chocolate.Dried spot clean the brush rests zamoyte warm soapy water.Dry cloth to dry the excess moisture.
Traces of pen or pens.Zamoyte spot acetone dry.Then rinse with water, dry it with a dry cloth.
Red wine.Quickly blot the liquid, sprinkle the stain with salt.After drying, vacuum the spot or brush.

Tip 2: How to clean leather sofa

Leather furniture - this is a special, classic style of your home.Living room and study are transformed if they have a leather sofa .But all the style, unfortunately spoiled if the furniture are spots.
Stylish beauty of your home.
you need
  • Scotch
  • Eraser
  • alcohol
  • shampoo skin
  • Warm water
  • Nail polish remover
The first way to remove stains - a clean sofa and using adhesive tape and a soft eraser.To do this, stick adhesive tape on the stain, then remove it and repeat it several times.If the stain still remains, what remains of it can be removed with a soft eraser.
second method of cleaning leather sofa and - with the help of alcohol or any alcohol-containing agents.Once the stain is removed, then wash off the remnants should be wiped with alcohol and place the warm water.
If leather sofa th spot appeared on a ballpoint pen, you can try to scrub his nail polish remover.Obyazaelno make sure that the liquid does not contain acetone, otherwise the skin sofa may appear as a bright spot.
most proven way - is to use special means to care for leather furniture.There are shampoos for skin and specialized spray stain removal.
Before removing stains sure you try the prepared product to less conspicuous place leather covering.
Helpful Hint
Stains are best removed when they are fresh, do not delay cleaning the sofa.
And over time, even dark furniture loses its color due to constant use.Particularly susceptible to such influence sofa, because it usually takes a central place not only in living rooms, but also in the kitchen.But the color is not a reason to abandon the use of the furniture.After all, most can be cleaned with a light sofa at home.
Helpful Hint
And most likely, prudent and curious housewives will be interesting to learn how to clean a sofa at home without the help of professional cleaners.If so, we suggest you use the experience of many housewives, as well as recommendations (no service!) Professionals in the cleaning of upholstered furniture.Secure cleaning the sofa at home.
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