first thing before purchasing a dishwasher is necessary to evaluate the capabilities of your kitchen.Built-in car means full integration into the existing kitchen set.Integration of the machine can be either full or partial.In the first case, the entire machine will be locked up inside the headset, and apparently it will be difficult to distinguish from other cabinets, machine control buttons can be seen on the face of the door, just open the unit.Partially integrated dishwasher will be like his girlfriend "solo" with the only difference being that the front door it will be possible to attach the decorative
panel in the spirit of the whole kitchen.Dishwashing machines for the most part come in two sizes - 45 and 60 cm, the size of the selected machines only depends on whether you have space, but keep in mind, even for a small family a large machine would be preferable to small, it is much easier to wash pots, pans andOther major kitchen equipment.
easiest way to install integrated part of the machine, the installation of which is to connect the machine, retract it under the table top and screwing bezel.No special tricks and secrets of this process involves.The only thing that can represent him some difficulty - the car is adjustable with respect to the floor.Most models of dishwashers equipped with special screws on the front of the device with which you can adjust the rear legs, and to ensure that the machine stands level.And when attaching decorative panels need to be monitored closely, so that she was well fixed, not rattled and did not interfere with the door opening.
Embedding fully integrated dishwasher as a whole will look more complicated, but not much.It is possible that the car will have to fix under the sink special fasteners.Each built-in dishwasher must necessarily be accompanied by instructions on how to embed, and if you follow it strictly, then the chances of a mistake you will have very little.The only thing you need to remember is that all the preparations have to meet before you start the process.Water supply and drainage should be readily available in case of a probable accident.Also, you may need a special outlet for a new dishwasher.If the existing outlets in the kitchen there is the earth, connect the machine to an ordinary wall socket, you can get an electric shock.Well, if you are not confident in their abilities, then invite specially trained master, it will make installation quickly and efficiently, and its services are unlikely to be quite so expensive.