you need
  • For sharpening the knife grinder, you will need:
  • - sandpaper №1;
  • - sandpaper №0;
  • - detergent;
  • - water.
main constituent elements of a conventional grinder it: screw, with which the meat is fed to the suppression knife ;cross knife ;drive round exit holes of the resulting product.When loading the meat to the receiver, it begins to move under the action of the screw depth grinder , the receiver is already beginning to meat chopped into small pieces by cutting its screw.Since he is also quite sharp and the gap between the screw and the housing grinder very small.Then the meat is fed to knife , which rotates along a stationary grating with holes.That is what is on the gap between the grille and the knife th milled depends on the quality of meat.The sharp knife will , the closer it will be pressed against the bars and smaller chop meat.
Disassemble grinder, look, do not rusted anything from her.Inspect the grill and knife , if the lattice has any nicks, it also must be sanded.Put on the table or any other flat surface with sandpaper surface №1.Pick up a knife and start driving its sharp surfaces (blades) on paper, while strongly pushing it.Move the first such circular rotation of sandpaper.Check whether to align the edge of the knife it, whether they are sharp.So sharpen his two minutes.Then put nazhdachku №0 and do the same thing, on it you otshlifuete verge a knife to a very severe condition.
Now take the bars and grind it on sandpaper as knife , you can sharpen it on both sides, removing all the nicks and bumps.Pick up a knife and grille, align, look, how easy is it knife moves along the lattice, the full match if their surfaces during rotation.Now take a detergent, rinse thoroughly knife and grate from the remnants of metal and stone abrasive paper.Dry thoroughly, assemble grinder, try a grind.If you still grinder grinds very bad, it means that you have to grind off during operation of the screw.Find a metal washer sized rear screw axis 1-2 mm thick.Put it on the axis, collect grinder now knife be firmly pressed to the bars and smaller to cut your meat!