you need
  • box from under the shoe and candy, clay, adhesive tape, ruler, scissors, 2 plastic bottles, 2 pencils, paper for children's creativity, scraps of fabric and lace.
To make a stylish chair for the doll, you need to obliquely cut the bottom off a plastic bottle as follows: make a mark with a pencil at a distance of twelve cm from the bottom on one side of the bottle (it will be back nextchairs).On the other hand - at the height of five cm from the bottom.Separate the bottle with a knife and then cut it with scissors at an angle, observing the markings on the bottle.The chair is ready.Now you can put on the bottom of the plastic chairs and a small pillow to cover his cape.
For manufacturing lamp you just need a half-liter plastic bottle, a little clay, pencil, or a cocktail stick, trim lace trim ribbons and scissors.
Cut off from the bottom of a bottle exactly (it stand lamp) and in the area of ​​the neck of the "coat hanger" bottle (the foundation of the lampshade).Stick to the bottom of the stand with the help of plasticine pencil, on the other hand, attach the base of the lampshade.Put on the lamp shade cover, assembled like an accordion and string fastened around the cork.
Table Barbie can be made from an empty box of chocolates from the cut from her countertop and glued on both sides of leg-stand.Glue should be making a small fold of cardboard from the upper side leg to a makeshift counter.
Wardrobe can be made of a shoe box, where the cut along the lid of the box will serve as doors (side bends the cover will need to cut).Attach the door to the main box is necessary in using the adhesive tape on the inside.Crossbar for hangers can be made from a pencil.