you need
  • water, doormat, newspapers or paper, acetone, a solvent for the construction latex paint, putty knife.
During operation, water-based paint, be careful.If some drops fall on the furniture, carpets or other items, scour them immediately, without waiting for drying.Just made a spot is always easier to bring, remember this.If the paint got on the cloth, clothing or carpet in any case, do not rub it solvents.Immediately remove any excess paint by dry newspaper or paper, and what is left on the surface, rinse thoroughly with water.The fact that the latex perfectly water soluble, so with careful rinsing well washed from the surface of the pile fabric and carp
with dried ink spots do otherwise.If you are unable to detect any traces vodoemulsionku soon as they hit the surface, you must first loosen the dried layer with water.If the area of ​​stains or smudges big, put it on top of a damp cloth and leave for 20-30 minutes.Small spots can be just wet with water.After some time, the stain is softened and can be easily removed by ordinary rags, brushes or just gently scrape with a spatula.
very carefully should remove ink stains from linoleum flooring, or because you can damage the surface of the solvent or scratch abrasive.First try to wash out the stain with plenty of water and a rag.Note that rub solvent (in this case - the water) on the surface of the paint can not.If you persist in this, the solvent can help paint to penetrate deeper into the surface of your floor.Therefore it is better simply to wash the stain with plenty of water.Very old, hardened stains vodoemulsionku well rubbed with special construction and conventional solvents acetone.