you need
  • - wood trim;
  • - rails;
  • - fasteners;
  • - miter box;
  • - hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • - colorless sealant;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - PVA glue joiner;
  • - furniture stapler.
Draw a sketch on paper of the future frame for the mirror.Consider whether you'll decorate it, for example, molded from polymer clay flowers, shells, buttons, feathers, fabric, tile or simply paint varnish.In the latter case, it is best to stop the election on the corrugated clypeus with a beautiful tree structure to make it gleam and emphasized the transparent cover.
Remove sizes with a mirror web and decide how many pieces of casings and rails you need to purchase.Put on the dimensions of the frame jamb and put the wooden workpiece miter box.Make the cut at a
n angle of 45 degrees, to be able to fulfill their dock at a right angle.Treat wooden slices coarse sandpaper.
Fix the mirror frame in several ways

first option.Pencil mark on the side casings mirror thickness, and on the reverse side of the depth to which the mirror will enter the frame.Use a hammer and chisel Hollow slots.Oshkurte them.
second option.Sawed slats so that they can be stuck on the inside of the casings.Guided by that pencil line that corresponds to the depth of call in the mirror frame, attach the rack with white glue or carpenter's "Moment Crystal".
Assemble the frame.Secure it with the inside of the parentheses of the furniture stapler.Then make the corners of the plywood and screw them into the corners of the frame with screws.
Pattern the frame.Scuff the entire surface casings with fine sandpaper.Now you can cover the frame with varnish or paint.It is advisable to do it on both sides, to better protect the tree.
Spend colorless silicone sealant for slotted grooves or at the joint rail and the frame.Insert a mirror and gently push it so that it firmly entrenched in the frame.
Make fasteners, to the mirror can be hung on the wall.Cut the plywood two small rectangle.Fasten them with screws or screw the little hooks on the back of the frame.So you securely attach the mirror and do the basics, which will be attached to the rope.