you need
  • Special paste, polishing machine, sandpaper
Removing scratches from glass windows and windshields of cars and aquarium glass has its own characteristics.Such glasses grind in any case can not, because never will remove even layer, and because of the irregularities may occur lens effect.Although this glass will look fine, but it is only at first glance.It will impede and distort review, which can lead to vision loss.
For these glasses should be used polishing as in polishing glass loses only a fraction of microns thick, with small scratches are removed and the glass becomes more transparent.You can use a paste with a grain of up to 0.5 microns - the smallest, and the
best effect is achieved with the paste "polars".For very small scratches using diamond paste (lapping), as it will help in removing indelible stains.
To remove the scratches with a thick glass, especially if they have a lot of small or large scratches, use a grinding, but then we must be sure and polish the surface.For manual sanding use sandpaper №200-800, medium and coarse paste (Diamond and boron, and an intermediate section).The more scratch, the larger grains should be used in the first phase, the second less, the third even lower and so on.This process is very long and laborious.With the help of special machines, of course, it will go faster.But if you do not want to permanently damage the glass, you will first need to be trained on a different glass, which is not a pity to determine with any degree of pressing need to grind.