you need
  • 2 frame Direct mustache
  • Compass
  • Pegs
  • may also need glass jars and the determinant of plant
Determine cardinal compass.Mark them on site, such as twigs.
Frame search of water
Take in each hand on the frame.Keep them in parallel, acute whisker away.
Cross section from north to south, and then - from west to east.In place of the watercourse the scope crosshairs.Check this point peg.
define one of the points of the watercourse and given that watercourses occur as veins, identify all watercourses.Go land again parallel to the line on which you found the first point of the watercourse.Do this several times, each time driving a peg where the scope crosshairs.
determine the depth and power of the watercourse.Getting up in the area of ​​the watercourse, tak
e in hand one frame.Imagine a submersible in its growth, two, three or more of the same distance.In this case, the frame is reacted first at the upper boundary of occurrence of the aqueous veins, then - at the bottom.