cucumber varieties are divided into pcheloopyljaemogo and parthenocarpic.Novice gardener must consider what is best grown in a greenhouse varieties or hybrids that do not require pollination.They are unpretentious, less susceptible to disease and very fruitful.The first reason for poor growth of cucumber - a violation of the terms of planting.Since the heat-loving plant, planted on the ridge, when the average soil temperature is 10-12 degrees. Cucumbers grown seedlings or sowing seeds directly into the ground.Thus they must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.Plants will be less susceptible to disease.Seedlings ready for planting at the age of 25-30 days, and in the presence o
f 5-6 true leaves on the stem.Another reason for the weak growth of cucumbers - not enough power plants during the growing season.Pay attention to some of its symptoms.Fruit crouched behind in growth - is not enough nitrogen.Water the plant, and then let the roots urea solution.The leaves turned yellow at the edges or in the form of pear cucumber, signal a lack of potassium.Feed the solution of potassium sulfate, or wood ashes.After feeding is carried out spraying the plants growth stimulant, which improves the root nutrition, reduces the content of nitrates and promotes strong tsveteniyu.Dlya good growth of cucumbers to the mandatory formation of lashes.Since most fertile ovaries tab is formed on the lateral shoots, then pinch them at a distance of 40-50 cm, and the main stem of the plant is cut reaches the length of 80-120 cm. Cucumbers can not grow the shortage and excess moisture.Seedlings watered small doses 2-3 times a week only in warm weather.Cold water can not be used.It is best to use rainwater defended.To promote better flowering, watering stop for 5-6 days before it starts.Too moist soil harmful to plants, it causes growth of lashes at the expense of fruiting and provokes the development of rot.Watering cucumbers at the root, so as not to cause excitement disease by moisture on the leaves.If you cultivate pcheloopyljaemogo grade is desirable to spray the plants with a solution of sugar melissovom infusion every 2-3 days until the end of flowering.This bait attracts bees.This increases the yield and cucumbers do not get sick.Regularly inspect the landing.At the end of the second month of fruiting leaves of cucumber can become rough and prickly, slowing the formation of fruit.The plants come to life, and the leaves become soft, if they spray a weak solution of urea.The appearance of white spots on them indicates that common diseases like powdery mildew.In this case, the well to a spray homemade: 9 liters of water pour 1 liter of skim milk or whey and add 10 drops of iodine.For the prevention of this disease in the plant during the growth is carried out according to a continuous spraying of the solution every 10 days.Only 4 of the course.The second most common zabolevanie- anthracnose.The sheet on the top side has rounded spots on the bottom and emerges plaque pink.The fruits are covered with pink sores.At an early stage of the disease is enough to remove the damaged leaves and the plant sprayed with 1% Bordeaux mixture.Many pests and which interfere with the normal growth of cucumber.The chemicals are toxic, so use herbal infusions.For example, against aphids helps infusion of garlic.