With ceiling moldings can hide unsightly gaps that often exist between the ceiling and wall decoration materials.For starters make measurements.For this purpose, use a tape measure.You should have footage of the perimeter of the room.After this you will already be able to determine how many fillets needed.Purchase material margin.
ceiling moldings can be glued in two ways: directly on the wallpaper glue or putty before wallpapering.If you decide to glue the plinth directly on the wallpaper, use for this purpose, "the time of installation."If your room wall in a curve, then between her and fillets can be formed slit.It is not necessary to engage in leveling the surface.Enough to cover the gap in the same glue that you used on the labels of plinths.
recommended gluing ceiling moldings before wallpap
ering.This method has many advantages.Slots you can patch directly via putty.Wallpaper can be easily adjusted to fit the fillet itself.The result is sure to please you.
Start gluing at the corner of the room.Pre-buy in the store ready corners.Most often they are sold with the fillets.If this is not possible, then cut corners on their own.For this you need a sharp knife and a miter box.Insert the plinth at the miter box at an angle of 45 degrees.Firmly press it.Next, cut the skirting board at the required angle.It is best to start to practice on pieces of the fillet.
Take fillet and attach it to the wall joint to joint is already attached to the plinth.When you get to the next corner, make measurements of the remaining distance.Then cut the missing part.The party, which goes back to back with the skirting board will be unchanged.On the other hand you have to cut the corner.Color fillet under color of your ceiling.