To make the most rocking chair, you need the board thickness of 50 mm and two 35 mm thick boards, slats for fastening tissue.Reiki can be successfully replaced by a bar 20 mm thick.The tool is useful most simple - a hammer, a hacksaw on wood planer.
Reliable connection sides reached crossbars.They should be planed planks of 35 mm.Choosing wood, stop at material from softwood.Such a tree is best suited for the manufacture of our chairs.Be careful when choosing the wood pieces to avoid streaks and swirls.
Draw on graph paper outlines the details of which will be collected the finished product.Drawings make a life-size, very carefully and accurately.Then transfer the
outlines on wooden piece.
Saw parts using a hacksaw with a thin blade.Then treat them to a file and sandpaper.
When connecting the chair base and sidewalls can be used two ways.The most reliable is the connection "to spike", so it should prefer it.In this case, while considering themselves marking studs and slots for them.
second way - adhesive.In this part we are joined joiner's glue and long screws.To start should outline in detail the side through holes, then drill them.In addition to wood glue in the assembly, you can use casein glue BF-2 or epoxy resin.Remember that a drop of glue extending between the connected parts should be removed only after the complete drying of the adhesive.
Ready frame rocking chairs bad stain and cover with several layers of lacquer, preferably oil.Backrest obtyanite prearranged dense matter, which first need to mark.
Tip: try to facilitate the work of the tool handle obtyanut vinyl chloride pipe.Facilitate donning of the tube by placing the tube for a few minutes in acetone.This will make the phone swollen and will easily put it on the handle, and after drying tube so tightly they obtyanet.