you need
  • paint (latex, latex or acrylic)
  • foam roller
  • Brush
The first thing you should pay attention - is the choice of paint.Non-woven or paper wall, usually painted with latex paint;fiberglass - latex or acrylic.Experts recommend that in such cases, to acquire a latex emulsion paint - it is the most environmentally friendly and therefore best suited for finishing works in residential areas.
surface on which the paint is applied must be clean and dry.So if you dye wallpaper for the first time, do not rush to grab the brush immediately after the wallpapering and allow it to dry properly.It is best to start painting the next day.If the wallpaper has been painted, then befo
re update color, clean them with a stiff brush, removing dirt and old paint irregularities.In addition, it is desirable to glue all the pieces of wallpaper departed (this can be done with the help of a special PVA glue or wallpaper glue joints) and walk along the cracks with putty or irregularities.
Painting wallpaper for painting should be a foam roller (in tight spaces and corners, you can use a brush).Try to apply paint evenly.If in the process of dyeing wallpaper bubble formed on them - carefully cut it, smooth the surface and paint the fragment of the wall again.
Typically, paintable wallpaper are available in white or slightly grayish color - it allows you to paint them in any color of the rainbow.