Prepare all materials and tools for the job.Remember that when welding must observe certain safety - should work only with gloves and a special mask and away from dry grass and planks.
away from the top and bottom of the canvas to which you want to weld hinges, about 20-25 cm and mark the measured distance construction pencil.
Promazhte loop grease to the welding half loops are not caked.Place under each of the loops on the edges of the match.This should be done so that after all the welding door does not ha
ve a snack.
Rasklinte gate leaf so that the closed position ready door was correct, ie align the two flaps its doors.
Grab a little welding loop.This weld must first lower half of the first part.Attention!Using welding machine for the first time, you should know that weld the loop should be bottom-up, small horizontal movement of the electrode.
Rasklinte after welding the first joint of the gate and check opening and closing.Brew loop definitively if the previous steps for opening and closing does not make you doubt.
Remove the frame with hinges promazhte good again and grease plant in place.Treat the weld sander and paint your product.Your design must be quick and easy to open and close flick of the wrist.