All work should be carried out during daylight hours, assecurity will have to turn off the electricity in the entire kvartire.Raspakuyte new chandelier , wipe it off.If brought from a cold, let it soak for an hour to dry and weathered remnants of wet kondensata.A is to determine the phase and zero in the wiring in the ceiling.For this indicator, take a screwdriver and gently, while the switch, touch it to turn on the ceiling protruding wires m. The zero indicator screwdriver does not burn.He usually leaves at raspaechny box, and go to the ends of the phase switch.
Now find the chandelier zero and phase wires .If they are marked, check them out.Alternately gently stick the two wires the outlet, absolutely no touching of the third remaining.On the chandelier will light alternately different
bulbs.Achieve such a combination in which one wire will always be in the socket, while alternately connecting the other two, the chandelier will be included.That wire that remained in the socket all the time - and there is zero.The other two - phase.Mark them with different tape.
Turn off electricity throughout the apartment, usually the switch located on the panel meter. Strip wire insulation from the ceiling, mark them in any way and spread in different directions.
're quite a bit.Check again whether the switch is turned off.Take chandelier and hang it on a hook.Now connect the strand wires phase with the phase of the chandelier from the ceiling, and zero, respectively, with a ceiling zero.Remember, in any case not directly connect the copper and aluminum wire by twisting.They are connected through connector or through the screw, nut and washer.
Carefully insulate the space connections with electrical tape and hide them under the cover of chandeliers, so as not to spoil the interior.Screw in the bulb, set the ceiling.
including electricity in the apartment, "flip" switch several times.Check out how the new lyustra.Pri connecting various variants.With the series switch, you can connect chandelier so that when you press one key lights up only part of the bulbs by pressing the other - all the rest, and by pressing both buttons - the whole chandelier flashed a bright light.