Before the start of construction of the object to determine the place of its location.It must meet the following conditions:
• be from the water sources (boreholes, wells, reservoirs, etc.) is not nearer 30m.The exceptions are the bio toilet s or powder-closets, that is,those whose design eliminates the ingress of harmful emissions into the environment;
• placed in view of the prevailing wind direction (to odors from the toilet and did not spoil the air and not marred your life);
• building toilet and should not towered over the local landscape, attracting too much attention, but should not stand in the lowlands to rain and melt-water does not heat a little of it.
determine the place of installation, proceed to the choice of and toilet: bio toilet, clearance, closet, powder-closet.Consider two factors: if the depth of the aquifer in the summer cottage over 2.5 m and it is possible entrance assenizatorskaya machines for cleaning cesspool, can equip any type and toilet.Otherwise - bio toilet or powder-closet.
begins construction of a sump arrangement.It can be of different shapes: round, square, rectangular.The depth of the pit do a little less than 2 meters.The bottom pour a layer of sand, which are stacked on top of the rubble.The thickness of the drainage layer should be 15-20cm.Then, fortify the wall.For this overlay them with bricks.You can also make wooden impregnated with antiseptic shields upholster their mesh and plaster, or you can use ready-made concrete rings.
«building» toilet for convenience and gather near the prepared raking.Its optimal size: width 1,0-1,1m;1,2-1,3m length;2,0-2,2m height.
of timber 100x100 make base toilet but its size should be 50cm longer than the actual width and length and toilet.Later, when installing the toilet well, it will give it greater stability.
Then make boards of timber 50h50mm and edged board for two side and rear walls.The back wall of the outside of the secure chute, one end of which dip into the sump, and the other above the roof lift and close the visor.It will exhaust ventilation.
assembled base and toilet (with floor and pedestal with a hole in it), set on a pre-prepared bed of gravel and waterproof so that it is more than half obscured raked.
on installed base fasten the side and back walls, connect the front of the side walls of the three bars 50h50mm.A secure timber at the base of a second at the height of the doors of the future, the third under the boards lathing roof.At a distance of 10 cm from the side walls, between the lower and middle timbers set 2 vertical bar.The result is a doorway.
Separately, make the door and hung it on the door hinges, which are pre-fix on the vertical tool bar screws.
Organize toilet , why put a lock on the inside, the outside of the water meter in the door.Cover the roof, for which you can use any roofing material.Obsheyte clapboard walls and toilet.
raking The part that goes beyond dimensions toilet well, cover, which make a hole under a hose ac machines, and also cover the pan.
Color or will be coated, toilet ready.