you need
  • Area, glue stuslo
If you are going to use plastic corners in interior decoration, just count how many of these items you will need, consider andthe desired color.To make an arch produced special arched corner in which one side is wider than the other.
for bonding corners buy special-purpose adhesive moments or "liquid nails".Be sure to read the instructions on the package.
Make a purchase in a store or a so-called miter box - a metal area with high sides and cross-section.The wort is used for smooth cutting corners in length.
Measure the necessary length of the miter, put it in the wort, wide hacksaw cut the unnecessary part.Apply a strip of adhesive volume in the middle of the reverse sides of the corner, attach it by pushing for a uniform distribution of the adhesive.To be
tter the glued area again to remove it from the wall, wait 1-2 minutes and apply again in place, pressing lightly.
plastic corner joints is best done in inconspicuous places on a flat plot.For perfect joining two segments should be cut in the corner of the wort at the same time, putting them at each other.
Small smooth curvature can be finished with plastic corners of his pre-heating a hairdryer, or used in hot water.Sharp turns off with the individual segments of the corner.
If the adhesive made on the edges of the corner, immediately wash it off with white spirit, roll a few minutes from the wall or neatly cut off with a knife.