sewerage system of a private house is provided with simple materials.To arrange a private house drainage system simplified type required: polyethylene pipe and material for septic tank unit (ceramic brick, concrete rings or used tires of large diameter).The capacity of the septic tank is best to do with the biological treatment of waste water if the soil is not loam and groundwater levels more than 2-2.5 meters.Septic tank will be well screen, providing a partial wastewater treatment.
The first stage device sewerage systems should decide on the location of the septic tank, that is, the capacity for wastewater.Here it is necessary to take into
account the level of abstraction, if you have the area well or wells with drinking water, to exclude wastewater.
should also be positioned as far as possible from the septic tank of a residential building, but at the same time take into account the possibility of pumping sewage.Putrefying bacteria in the septic tank - cesspool, with sufficient volume and a low level of ground water, allow to operate the system discharge wastewater for several years without further purification.
device septic tank includes various options.The easiest way - is to use the old car or tractor tires.Septic tank with ceramic bricks must be laid without mortar joints in the side for sewage disposal.Concrete structures when laying on the joints must also provide filtering into the ground.Septic tank cover must ensure safety while on the sump.Therefore, it is optimal to make concrete with a hole for the hatch.Modern hatches are not available in cast iron, and from polimerpeschannogo material.
followed by measurement of the length of the line to make the water drain.The pipe is better to use a polymer, preferably a more solid and to avoid unnecessary connections during installation to prevent deflection of the laying.Pipe diameter 110 mm optimally choose and how to bring it closer to the source (sink, washing machine, bath) and already there to make adapters for 50mm diameter, thus there will be less blockages.
When laying a sufficiently long sewer line would require revision taps designed for cleaning in the case of blockage.It is important to ensure that the maximum angle of descent of the pipe, at least 5 degrees.The depth of the drain line is performed taking into account the soil freezing in your latitude, usually at least one meter.