Tip 1: How to sheathe House Decking

Decking is a coating that can be used in building construction.Currently, this material was simply indispensable.It is very easy to operate for the deck roofs and walls.
used to pay more attention to the appearance of the building only, and are now constantly put tasks that are associated with improved performance of the whole complex being built and reconstructed facility.Technology ventilated facade marked a new stage in the development of the construction industry.Boarding house Bent at the moment is a very common method of cost-effective design of the facade.
curtain walls of corrugated board - facing, which is well suited for industrial, public and administrative buildings.Also, a liner is often used for decoration of houses.Buildings and structures that use a facade system, characterized by the variety of aesthetic solutions and minimal costs for maintenance.If you choose the right facing the facade, it is possible to emphasize the individuality and overall character
of the building.
Sheathing home Bent follow so that between the insulation and floorings had vented air space.It will ensure a long service life of the whole structure of a hinged facade.In such a system will run freely circulate external air.That is why a pair of moisture will not accumulate under the liner, and come out peacefully.Also, there will be no development of mold and microorganisms that are able to destroy the building.Also lining homes will significantly increase the level of sound and heat insulation.
to start on the surface of the building substructure is built, which is a system of metal frame.It is intended for fixing the cladding elements of a ventilated facade.Mounted on a metal frame on the mounting brackets.After that fasten themselves to the structure of corrugated sheets.This may be used screws or nails.

Tip 2: How to sheathe House

Finally it's time to sheathe the house.Most professionals recommend the use of this lining, which is the best material.The procedure for skin at home - is not easy.

sheathe the house can be by any type of lining, the outside is usually wide boards inside narrow.Molded divided into plastic and wood.Plastic sheathe clapboard preferably places with high humidity, the material is easy to care and perfectly holds the excess water.

Of course, it is better to entrust it to a professional, but if you feel the strength to do it yourself, read the detailed instructions below.

1. Select the correct size of the board, if they are pre-wet to dry.Boards can vary in length, but the width should be the same.Most often it is no more than ten millimeters.

2. Draw the line on the board room to crop and saw off the excess edges.

3. On both sides, with the help of the cutter, make grooves on the front side, remove facets.

4. To the material has served you faithfully treat it with a special solution.

5. Select the direction that will "go" boards, it can be vertical or horizontal.

6. Secure the support grid, which will be attached sheathing material.

7. Attach the mounting bars and attach them to the mounting thread.Insulate the space between the bars and the wall with mineral wool.

8. Cut the desired length battens and fix it clips to the bars.Places docking trim width.

9. Cover the material with varnish or stain.

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