you need
  • solvent, a blade or a sharp knife, building a hair dryer or iron, foil
use a razor or sharp knife

most simple and ancient way of removing olddrops and stains on the glass.Suitable for very old dried paint, and for fresh.Gently scrape the paint sharp blade.Only use a very sharp knife or razor, as the blunt surface of large scratches and stains, significantly increasing the time you work.Before you start to scrape off the old paint in such a way, soak the glass with hot water.This will prevent unnecessary scratches and significantly speed up the whole proce
Buy store in the building a special tool

Now industry produces a huge variety of solvents for paint that can not only remove it from all surfaces, but also to do it quite safely and quickly.Check with the seller, you need to remove the drops of paint from the glass is, and it will select for you the solvent that will solve the problem once and for all.In any case, carefully read the instructions on the label.Even the most modern tool if used incorrectly can turn your transparent glass in the muddy and untidy.
Use foil and iron

There is another way to remove paint from the glass.Heat it with a hair dryer or a special construction conventional home iron.The high temperature paint will begin to soften, and it can be fairly easy to remove.Attach the glass ordinary foil, and on top of it the hot iron and hold for a while as long as the paint is thoroughly heated through.We perform such manipulation is possible only with large thick streaks and drops.If the glass is only slightly smeared with a thin layer, heat is not help, it is better to use a conventional solvent.