If you plan to heat your cottage coal, wood or peat, only need to build a good, good stove.This will require: a good heat-resistant red bricks, clay and a desire to do a good oven, and have at least some idea of ​​the masonry oven and chimney.
Mark the place for the furnace.Make the land of small, steady deepening of the future size of the furnace.
Put two solid rows of red brick on a solution of clay, heavily mixed with the water.
Make furnace and ash pit.Having ash pit, install the grate and over the furnace - furnace plate.In the ash pit and the furnace must be installed doors.At the bottom of the furnace shell out for the chimneys and outlet pipes.
the attic continue laying pipe bricks or install a pipe that will go through the roof.
You can also buy ready-made oven.Then we'll just bring the pipe and make the water heating pipes and attach it to the stove.Pipes now sell prefabricated, so join them will not be easy.
stove heating coal and wood - troublesome.Therefore, having the opportunity, it is worth considering an electric heating which can also be done by yourself.
For installation you will need an electric heating: electric boiler water heating system (pipes, batteries), the circulation pump of low power, as well as pressure regulators and level.Mount is heating you are able to install the boiler on it - regulators.
Mount the circulator and all connect to the hot water heating system.By the electric boiler is usually attached diagram to connect them.Study it carefully, safely proceed to the installation.Lack of electric heating: self-mount hardware complexity and high cost of electricity.
Where the pipeline passes, you will be able to mount a gas heating.This is the best of all types of heating.Cheaper than electricity tripled beskhlopotnoe compared with furnace.But to install a gas heating system can only specialists gas service, as do it yourself is not allowed.