you need
  • Calculator;tables for calculating the volume of lumber
some vendors in the trade organizations ready packages of lumber, pinning him to the label, which shows the exact amount and price of the package.Examine the products you are interested for the presence of a tag, it will simplify the calculations.However, this practice is no exception.Usually it produces dimension lumber Timber storekeeper base.
determine the type of board you need.Calculation of cubic capacity of lumber depends on the degree of its processing, the type and grade.Thus, in one cubic meter of boards can contain different amounts of cut and uncut board.
Select the method of calculation of lumber.When calculating the amount of softwood and hardwood is used two ways.The first method - each metering boards and multiplying the length, width and thickness.The second method involves the use of standard (kubaturnika) designed to calculate the volume edged lumber.The standard provides a table of volume meters long and one piece of material.
For example, consider a problem in which you want to find the volume of 50 edging boards width 125 mm, thickness of 22 mm and a length of 4.5 m. In the table find the thickness of the timber, and then at the intersection of the horizontal graphs withthe desired width and vertical length of the column with the appropriate get volume.It will be equal to 0.01238 cubic meters.m. Now multiply the amount found in the number of boards and obtain the required volume: 0.01238 x 50 = 0,619 cubic meters.m.
measurement is usually done for a reason, and to determine the price of lumber in the holiday.In this case, locate the appropriate price list for this type of retail price for one cubic meter board and determine the value of the whole party, you get.The correct application of the retail price, you can check the folder pricing.