you need
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder, half a cup of water
Since Teflon is very easy to scratch, for cooking, use a smooth spatula.Never use metal blades, and knives or forks for turning food.Do not eat from the pan, and do not try it something to cut.Coarsely seasonings, scorched products as well as salt crystals and bones easily scratch Teflon coating.If you are cooking food in a Teflon dish, try adding water, and use the frying oil or fat.
not Rakes leftover food from the pan.To clean simply pour into it a little hot water and rinse in the sink.Sudden changes in temperature can cause flaking of the non-stick layer.Never place a hot frying pan under a stream of cold water.
When washing dishes, do not use a hard or steel wool.Immediately after cooking, wash pan with hot water and a soft sponge.As your regular detergent gel for washing dishes.
When washing pans can also use a very simple way.Take a glass and fill it halfway with clean water.In pan , which are going to be cleaned, pour a glass of water.Add two tablespoons of baking powder to the test.Turn on the stove, put on her pan and bring everything to a boil.Cool water and wipe the walls of Teflon pans with a soft cloth.
If you do not have time to wash the pan, then just pour it in the water to the brim, and add detergent.Keep in mind, if the remnants of fat and food stuck to a frying pan, then get them to pull out only part of the Teflon layer.
When cooking, keep in mind that the rapid destruction of the non-stick layer contributes to excessive heating.Moreover, when heated above 200 degrees Teflon to give off toxic substances which necessarily fall into the food.