you need
  • - metal corner,
  • - channel,
  • - wall paneling,
  • - block House,
  • - roofing iron.
Dig cesspool.Its size may vary within wide limits.Depend on this period of time that it will be completely filled in, iehow often it will have to be cleaned.
Reinforce wall cesspool, that they do not crumble.For this fit the most simple way - to make it a round cross-section.Then paste it into the pit galvanized iron sheet roof and secure it with screws.
make a minimum foundation.This will prevent rotting structural parts made of wood, which will save from the toilet from destruction.As a foundation, you can use metal tubes or metal profiles suitable section.They should b
e put in the ground and tie the top channel bar, or area, using welding or with bolts.
Assemble on a level surface two diamond-shaped frame parts.It must be durable and reliable, as is the main element of the design.
Install the door frame to the foundation.To produce it, and the door can be both independently and ready to use.
Get on top of the door one of the diamond-shaped frame.Secure it with the foundation and the frame.Behind the place the second element, and seal it with the first bars and the foundation.To trim a hacksaw cut the required length of the blank block house or lining.Sew the wall of the toilet.In the upper part of the facade of a place to leave the window.Inside the room are finished with a suitable material.On the roof, attach the crate of bars, sheets of plywood or OSB boards and close the roofing material.
Hang the door, insert the window handles.Platband trimmed corners, erecting the seat and attach the toilet seat, coat wood stain.Set inside the mount for toilet paper, and coat hook.