you need
  • - serpyanka,
  • - paint knife,
  • - PVA glue spatula,
  • - putty.
serpyanka While one side has adhesive backing, still surface on which you are going to fix serpyanku , should be primed ground.Then the reinforcing tape is held firmly on the seam, and you can easily cause her layer of putty.
serpyanka gibsokarton to mount the first base layer of putty.First apply the base plaster on the seam between the two sheets of plaster and then a spatula swipe from the top to the bottom, to collect any excess mixture.Spatula should overlap the grooves on the drywall about 5 cm on each side of the sheet.Allow the putty to dry.
Once the base coat is dry, it proshkurte and re prime the soil.Then cut from the roll serpyanka strip of the
desired length and glue it to the surface of the joint, guiding and pressing the tape with a spatula.
When serpyanka be glued to the base plaster, zashpaklyuyte its finishing putty.Do not try to put a layer thicker than the lower layer of putty, the less likely it crumble out.Allow the putty to dry finish, then it proshkurte and prime ground.
If serpyanka not "listen" and constantly falling off the wall, you have a method that will help you deal with this scourge.Take PVA glue and densely promazhte seam, which are going to be reinforced.Then Put the tape to the seam, press it with a brush and drive down the brush, adding glue if necessary.
is not easy to paste reinforced tape in the corner, so do not try to glue it over the entire length of the right angle.Cut the tape into strips, and then attach each strip, landing it on the plaster.Each successive strip is glued to the previous lap.
Also reinforced serpyanka there and building a bandage "serpyanka", which has a fine structure, but the principle of adhering to the surface is the same.Spread the seam with white glue, apply a bandage, gently flatten the surface and stick, pushing it into the adhesive.Then again to apply glue for strength.After the bandage is dry, proceed to putty.