you need
  • cistern toilet fittings need replacement.
Define the exact purpose of adjusting the toilet drain .What do you want to use it to achieve: to reduce the volume of water drained or, conversely, to increase its quantity, or to adjust the constant dripping of water?
Change in the right direction the amount of water drained from the tank.Open the lid of the toilet tank.Adjust the position of the float so that it overlaps the inlet when the water reaches the desired level.
If the water from the tank flows constantly, to diagnose.Look under the toilet tank lid and make sure the float and drain valve installed smoothly, no warping.If you want to tweak their situation, and plums to be adjusted.
If this does not work, find out where the cause of water leakage.In modern tanks of water often flows
out through the overflow pipe.Change the angle and height of the float, rocker arm bent so that the water level was slightly below the top of the overflow pipe.
Check the inlet valve.Lift the float upwards until it stops.The shutter connected to a float using the rocker, the inlet valve must be shut completely.If the water continues to flow, replace faulty valve inlet new.
Shut off the water.Unscrew the union nut Water supply to the tank and the valve nut.Remove the valve.Then install the new one in reverse order.Turn on the water, check the operation of the intake valve.
tank If the old design, it may no longer hold the water drain valve.Tweak its position or adjust the fit of "pear".Rotate counter-clockwise threaded fasteners plastic drain button to close the valve overlaps the drain.
Change fitting a new one, if the drain valve is worn out, and adjustment does not result.
Call the plumbing, if you can not self-regulate the discharge of water from the tank.