Before you start knitting fittings , should clearly organize the process.Observe the following sequence when mating: Prepare unit for installation (clean dirt and right), slings and fed to the knitting, then carefully place it in the design position and then immediately start to knit.
To prepare the product for installation is quite enough two people, and for the installation of elements in the design position should be three: two put the element, and the third certainly gives signals about the beginning of the ascent and descent of the element.
mating fittings can be carried out as a simple pliers and special hooks.The main thing here - a certain skill and experience, so it is best to carry out binding under the con
trol of human knowing.Spliced ​​bars overlap, then tie them on the edges of the joints and in the middle by a steel wire.Overlaps must be at least 250 millimeters.If this is done manually, the process can take a lot of time and effort.In addition to hand-knitted reinforcement must be at least three people.Therefore, use a special gun, which is called - gun for mating fittings.
When you use this gun almost the entire process will be carried out automatically.Set the nozzle devices for binding sites and click on the tool.Using the gun will allow you to improve the quality and speed of mating.And if you end the wire - simply replace the coil used to the new.
Finally, knit reinforcement using special staples, paper clips.It finished products, which, like a gun, you can freely buy.Joining fittings staples a little longer than a gun, but it can be done "with his bare hands."In addition, the gun will cost you much more.
Actually, binding reinforcement - this is the method that is used in a small amount of work, for example, if you decide to build a small country house.Of course, the construction of large production facilities or multi-family homes fittings cook.