in an apartment building for the control of fleas you need to call the sanitary epidemic station to handle all of the apartments.Fighting fleas only in his apartment bring temporary effect.If your apartment have flea , then with 100% confidence we can say that there fleas in all apartments apartment building.Modern methods of processing do not leave stains and odors and provide a guaranteed result.
If you want to deal with a flea in his only apartment , then get ready for a syst
ematic treatment of the apartment insecticides, which are sold in aerosol cans and ampules for controlling crawling insects.
buying medication in the cartridge, before starting treatment, remove from the apartment of all people and pets, clean the aquarium and a cage with birds, carefully repack all products.Treat the floor, walls, skirting boards, sofas and beds.Wash and ventilate need a few hours after treatment, but not after 30 minutes as indicated on the cans.Prepare to be that the processing is necessary to carry out systematically until all your neighbors will not agree to the overall processing of apartments.
If you have purchased the drug for the treatment of crawling insects in a vial, then dissolve it in a specified amount of water and treat the walls, baseboards and flooring.The slots must be treated carefully.A few hours spend cleaning apartment with the removal means that produce processing.As the processing of aerosols, clean the apartment people and pets, pack the products and take steps to protect the individual.