Tip 1: How to wash tiles

Tile Tile - an environmentally friendly, highly decorative and wear-resistant material, which will save you from repairs for many years.However, it is necessary to take care of regularly, weekly cleaned and protected from abrasives (solid particles) and hard brushes.If the tile is very dirty, you can wash off some tiles improvised or specially adapted for him means.
you need
  • - warm soapy water;
  • - dishwashing detergent;
  • - ammonia;
  • - vinegar;
  • - remedy against mold (antifungal agents);
  • - means for cleaning tile adhesive solution;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - bright felt or wool;
  • - soft sponge or cloth (or a special brush for tile joints and processing);
  • - rubber gloves.
tile in the kitchen.It is necessary to wash the tiles with a soft sponge (or cloth), soaking it in warm soapy or slightly alkaline solution either.After removal of contaminants required to wash the tiles thoroughly with clean water to avoid ugly divorce.Typically such weekly treatments is sufficient to keep the fini
shed walls or floors clean.If on the surface appeared hard tiled stubborn stains, treat them with an aqueous solution of household ammonia and dry with a soft cloth, wipe the tiles.Grease stains and soot are well removed from the tile dish detergent and other universal liquids and gels, dissolves grease.
tile in the bathroom.It is important to prevent the appearance of mold on the joints between the tiles, so please refrain from frequent use of soap solutions on an organic basis.It is best to use an industrial agent recommended for cleaning with high humidity;You can also wash the tiles with water and vinegar or smelling salts.Do not forget to treat the seams to protect against mold.Some housewives are dissolved in water, a small amount of an antifungal drug (such as nystatin, natamycin or levorin) and the effect of the resulting treated fluid space between the tiles.
Cleaning after repair.Clear tiles after repair work in the room, you can use a variety of means that in a large assortment sold in stores finishing materials.Carefully read the instructions for use and pick up necessities: water-repellent;liquid, remove excess grout and putty, and so on.Refrain from aggressive acids and abrasive powders, so as not to spoil the decorative (especially glazed!) Tiles and suture material.Lime and putty can be removed and dry - treat the contaminated surfaces with a vacuum cleaner and polish it with a piece of light felt, wool or a special brush.

Tip 2: How to wash tile

Renovated apartment looks just great!However, if no support for regularly clean, the dirty tile on walls and on the floor reduces repair benefits to zero.Therefore it is better to wash the tiles immediately after contamination and not to wait for the general cleaning of the apartment.
Clean clean!
you need
  • vinegar
  • Oxalic acid
  • Ammonia
  • Specialized acid means
Wash tile of stubborn dirtIt can be improvised means of household bins.To remove dirt, you can use a solution of vinegar, ammonia, or oxalic acid.When tiles laundering of these funds it is necessary to take care of good ventilation, as the smell of these funds is very strong and pungent.Choosing the means necessary to make the solution and open the window.
Then you need to take a sponge, preferably not abrasive, as some types of cover tiles can scratch, and apply the solution in an inconspicuous place.Thus the impact of the solution is checked on tile , in the event of an unexpected chemical reaction does not spoil the cover in a conspicuous place.If the edge of the coating solution removes dirt and does not damage the tile , you can wipe the entire surface with this solution, removing the dirt.
After removing contaminants sure to wash the cleaning solution from the tile with clean water to remove excess acrid smell of dirt and residues.
If home remedies do not cope with a hint of dirt, you can try a specialized chemicals to clean the tiles.Just be sure to specify the type of when buying your tiles and its covering.
better not to use for cleaning tiles, metal sponge, the surface can be permanently scratched.
Helpful Hint
When exposed to tile special means necessary to protect grout joints that chemistry does not dissolve them.
Helpful Hint
Frozen Lime perfectly washed off with water acidulated with vinegar or using other traditional methods: add the warm water vegetable oil and rub this mixture of white stains on the tiles.Be careful to not get into organic seams.After that, clean the tile dish detergent.
  • as the joints in the bathroom to wash