Chemical anchor is very durable and reliable.It can be installed in any material: brick, stone, cellular concrete, wood and so forth. As his mount by means of an adhesive, it not only does not weaken the base, which is attached to, but in many cases makes it even stronger.
to install anchor drill a hole the diameter of the right to the desired depth.Clean it with a brush-ruff, blow pump or blower.
Fill 2/3 of the hole with a mixture of glue - epoxy resin or polymer.Capacity with glue (cartridge) can be framed in different ways - a syringe, tube, etc.And different ways of mixing t
he components of the adhesive.Whatever the embodiment of the adhesive cartridge, you need to act strictly according to instructions attached to the product.
rotary motion set the anchor into the hole to its full depth.Remove adhesive streaks from the base.Warm-up time for the perception of the anchor load depends on the brand of glue, this is indicated in the instructions.After this time, the anchor can be attached to any structure.
Mechanical anchors are installed without glue.Their operating principle is based on the wedging sleeve anchor inside the hole, thus achieving its reliable fixation in the ground.
Drill and clean hole in the same way as described above.Through mountable piece insert into the opening wedge anchor and hammer it with a hammer - until the nut abuts the item is fixed.Tighten the nut with a necessary (but not excessive) force.As a result of tightening the end of the anchor sleeve riving and securely in the hole.
wedging methods may be different.If this has a special rod inserted into the anchor, then after installing the bolt into the hole hammer the rod with a hammer inside.Thus, you commit rasklinite sleeve and anchor in the hole.
To install the wedge anchor with internal thread, requires a special tool - the rod-like punch or barbs.
Once set anchor in the hole, place the tool inside and hammer rasklinte sleeve.Then remove the punch-barbs and screw into the threaded hole of the anchor screw.
so-called frame anchor disjoining has two zones - in the base and in the fixture.
Hammer frame anchor into the ground through the detail is fixed.Drive the screw to the specified torque.In this first rasklinitsya bottom, located at the bottom part of the anchor, then the top, which is in part.As a result, the latter will be permanently attached to the base.
purchased products enjoy a very convenient - especially if necessary to install a large number of anchors.However, if necessary, can be firmly secured in the base and any improvised device - a bolt or rod of any kind.
Drill hole diameter 1-2 mm larger than the diameter of the anchor.Good, clean the hole from debris and dust.Fill the hole with half or a little more epoxy filler or hardener.Rotary motion and light hammer set anchor in the hole.Remove drips resin.After some time, when the epoxy resin is somewhat (but not completely) solidify, flatten it around the anchor flush with the base.Using this, you can anchor about a day.