Spend prevent settling garden moles.Take the metal mesh with a mesh size of 2 cm. Bury it on the perimeter of the site so that the top edge protruding above the ground on 20 cm, and the lower edge lies at a depth of 1 meter.It does not allow new moles to infiltrate into your garden.Bury slate and other materials not recommended due to the fact that they do not pass into the beneficial earthworms.
Use natural remedies for pests.Plant on the plant site, the smell of which moles can not tolerate.These include daffodils, marigolds, milkweed, Siberian squill, the imperial fritillary.Planting castor (cas
tor oil plant) and caper spurge, beware: their fruits are poisonous.It is better to avoid such dangerous means of combating the moles in areas where there are children.
Put canned beer or kastryulnuyu trap in the course of moleskin.With a garden drill make a hole in the existing hole, dug in to a container with water and cover the top of the sunlight.Running through the tunnel, the mole fall into the trap and can not get out of it.Similarly, you can use the shopping traps and snares.
Lay poisoned bait for the pests.Iron rod probe or cut a hole in the course, carefully place into a teaspoon of zinc phosphide.The gap cover with a clod of earth.If within a few days you will see new traces of moles on the site, repeat the procedure.Note that the pest may not want to take poison pellets, then we can divide the favorite delicacy of mole - the earthworm - into several pieces and sprinkle them with poison, put in burrows.
with metal twig get the basic moves mole and close their glassy.Closed on all sides by a pest, bumping into obstacles built dies.
Try to catch a mole with two shovels, blocking his way in the tunnel.When the fugitive fall into the trap, dig it.Protect your hands thick gloves, as the mole can bite you.Note that these animals possess considerable power and a loud squeal.
Use repellents.Plug the 45-degree angle into the mole tunnels cut the stems of reeds or empty bottles.It is believed that the howling wind scare pests and forced them to leave their homes, but this is unproven fact.Get in specialized stores ultrasonic devices that allow to get rid of moles.