you need
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - water.
Prepare necessary solution and components: cement, hydrated lime, sand and water.Cement - a link solution well.Lime gives solution have fluidity, elasticity and allows it to fill all the holes and voids masonry .Sand in solution was added as a filler for the volume, as well as to avoid the strong rainfall.Best for solution a suitable fine mortar sand, but you can use white.
Mix dry ingredients and solution.Universal solution consists of 1 part cement, 4-6 parts of sand and 1 part
lime.Before adding water, the dry ingredients solution and must be carefully moved together.For plasticity solution in him, instead of lime, clay, or you can add a bit of laundry detergent.
If necessary, use the finished mixture.If you have to put a brick in the cold weather, use ready-mixed with a plasticizer.He creates a solution ie tiny bubbles that reduce the risk of cracking solution and during solidification in the cold.The finished mixture can not add sand - all the components already there are mixed in the right proportions.The method works with the finished mixture of more convenient, but also more expensive.
Dissolve the dry mixture with water.Just a couple of hours a ready solution becomes unfit for work, so it is necessary to do as much as you can to spend 1.5-2 hours.Take the required amount of dry mixture and add the clean tap water.Stir the mixture with a shovel chopping motion on a sheet of plywood or wide shallow container.Water is preferably added gradually until the mixture is similar to melted butter - solution should easily slide over the shovel, and save the form if you make a recess.If the water in the mixture is too many - reinforce solution dry mixture and dryish dilute solution of water.It is necessary that the clutch is well grasped.If in the process of solution began to dry out - add water and stir it well.